Svalbard in the Arctic Sea


Added on April 10th, 2020

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Description/Comments: We sailed the Svalbard archipelago with its wild and stunning landscapes in May when they are covered in snow. We made daily shore landings to explore landscapes and visit human settlements with an expert Svalbard guide. We came up close to high walls to witness glaciers and were surrounded by sea ice. We encountered polar bears (mama bear with cubs as well as solo wanderers), walruses grouped in a colony, arctic foxes looking for food, plenty of Svalbard reindeers and whales, including a beautiful white beluga. We also learned about the Arctic through onboard lectures delivered by our expert guide Christian. We were a small group of eight people who met on board of this comfortable and intimate ice-strengthened expedition vessel. I'm thinking to go again with Secret Atlas, this time to explore Greenland.

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